Tuesday, 28 April 2015

This is a quotation from an Anthony Trollope novel. Which I have in the original edition, but I doubt that it is very valuable.
Once again, the pictures are .jpgs, so you can print both pieces.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Here is the solution for the Love3000 acrostic.
It seems a bit of overkill to present the entire solution. So here are the answers, but not the text part"

Answers for the Crostic puzzle:
A) Hank
B) And the children shall lead.
C) Room with no doors
D) Never doubt I love.
F) Spring of the Ram.
G) swath
H) Case of the colonists corpse
I) Hub
J) I hewed
K) Lafayette,
L)  Dedicated Villain.
M) Bunkmate
N) Yawn
O) Checkmate.
P) Hunt
Q) Reawakened
R) Oscillate.
S) Nineteenth.
T) Outwitted
U) Shun.

(Charles L) Harness, Child by Chronos.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Solution to the Comics crostic:

A) Batgirl
B) Richard Felton Outcault
C) It cam from Outer Space
D) Action Comics
E) Nightcrawler
F) Joe Simon
G) Richie
H) Old Wives Tale
I) Beyonder
J) Bewitched
K) Superman
L) Underworld Unleashed
M) Plastic Man
N) Enterprise Incident
O) Recidivist to the death
P) Hercules Prince of Power
Q) Elite
S) Oxene
T) Ethane

First letters read: Brian J Robb, Superheroes

Text: While Marvel's earlier heroes were ordinary people transformed due to cosmic accidents into reluctant superheroes, the Xmen were all born different with little choice but to grow up coping with and hiding their various abilities. Themes included prejudice, acceptance, tolerance and racism.